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About Our Company

Spearhead is a comprehensive suite of proprietary trading strategies that have been built and tested over our combined 50 years of experience in the markets and have proven to be a consistently successful and profitable model for us. We have built strategies for Futures (S&P 500 Futures Index, NASDAQ 100 Futures Index, and Crude Oil Futures), and Stock ETFs (QQQ, SPY, and DIA), and continue to actively develop more products and add-ons to complement our existing portfolio. Visit our Products page for more details.

Our current strategies range from short term intraday indicators that recommend one to two trades per day on average per product, to swing trade strategies that average one trade per week per product. Spearhead is a robust alert signal service with something for Every Trader. Every Spearhead generated alert comes with an exact entry, exit, initial stop loss and a trailing stop sent if market conditions change. We are continuously optimizing our strategies to keep up with current market conditions.
As you can see from our Performance, all our strategies are consistently profitable on a weekly and monthly basis so it’s important to stick with the indicators and ride out potential intraday swings to realize steady long term growth in your account.

We’re happy to finally have the opportunity to share our success with you. Let us take the guess work and stress out of it and let our proven strategies generate a regular source of trading income for you. Trade Smarter not Harder!

About Our Founder

Sean Walter is a lifetime commodity professional. He began his career as a clerk on the NYBOT working his way up to be the youngest broker on the floor. After grinding it out in the rings of Coffee, Sugar and Cocoa he took the next step and opened his own firm, Mercury Futures in 2001. It wasn’t long before Mercury was one of the largest firms on the exchange and was featured in the documentary “The Pit”.

Mr. Walter left his beloved floor in 2007 knowing the inevitable was coming, the end of open outcry trading. He started Mercury Financial Asset Management, a commodity only hedge fund shortly thereafter. The fund remained profitable until its closing in 2012 when he and his partners decided to go their separate ways.

Since then he has worked with various educators and helped create countless indicators while continuing to trade all markets for himself as well as for a few select clients. Now he is sharing decades of experience with you!